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Yiannis Galanopoulos Member 129019.2
CREDIT:  Yiannis Galanopoulos

Richard Ellis, Landscape Group
CREDIT: Richard Ellis, Landscape Group
COMMENDED Waiting Guy Little
CREDIT: Guy Little
Graham Lenton LRPS
CREDIT: Graham Lenton LRPS
Dan Bronish
CREDIT: Dan Bronish LRPS
Alexander Ward Member 126126
CREDIT: Alexander Ward
David Pechey
CREDIT: David Pechey
KEEP UP THE VIBE By Calvin So - Shortlisted in the theme Neighbourhood
CREDIT: Calvin So
Yiannis Galanopoulos Member 129019.1
CREDIT: Yiannis Galanopoulos
Kristina Zvinakeviciute
CREDIT: Kristina Zvinakeviciute
Lorenzo Zandri_A real estate advertising in the countryside near Borgo Carige_Shortlistedfor the IPE 164
CREDIT: Lorenzo Zandri
Steve Geer FRPS
Tom McPherson
CREDIT: Tom McPherson
Yiannis Galanopoulos Member 129019.2
CREDIT:  Yiannis Galanopoulos
André Bergmans
CREDIT: André Bergmans
228-558_3_1652790104 Lorenzo Zandri Member 134608
CREDIT: Lorenzo Zandri
Leila Niknejad Member 114690
CREDIT:  Leila Niknejad
Shane Balkowitsch Member 133160
CREDIT: Shane Balkowitsch
Peter Baker LRPS Member 114731
CREDIT: Peter Baker LRPS
Yiannis Galanopoulos Member 129019.3
CREDIT: Yiannis Galanopoulos
Lorenzo Zandri_A local product shop right outside Capalbio Scalo_Shortlisted for the IPE 164
CREDIT: Lorenzo Zandri
David Rippin LRPS Member 104539
CREDIT:  David Rippin LRPS
1185-1769_0_1648573420 Aindreas Scholz Member 116345
CREDIT: Aindreas Scholz
Yiannis Galanopoulos Member 129019.4
CREDIT: Yiannis Galanopoulos
Lorenzo Zandri_A vernacular aedicule on the way to the Marsiliana_Shortlisted for the IPE 164
CREDIT: Lorenzo Zandri