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Kym Cox ARPS Soap Bubble Structures

Science Photographer of the Year

Bernardo Cesare ASIS FRPS Science Of (Every?) Day Life
CREDIT: Bernardo Cesare ASIS FRPS


Science Photographer of the Year brings together eye-catching images that show science being done, show how photography helps science or how science impacts upon our daily lives.

The competition is open to everyone, without regard to age or photographic experience. Student or researcher, amateur photographer or professional, scientists or someone with curiosity about the world, anyone is eligible to enter the competition. There are just two categories - for photographers under the age of 18 and for those aged 18 and over.

A shortlist of images is chosen by a panel of experts, who also select the winners to be the Science Photographer of the Year and the Young Science Photographer of the Year.

Morgan Trimble Launching A Mini Boat
CREDIT: Morgan Trimble

2019 Winners

The winning images from the 2019 competition can be seen here.

2019 winners
Spoty Intro Board Crop DSC6600

2019-2020 Exhibitions

Would you like to host the winning images and the shortlisted photos from the 2019 competition?

Hosting SPotY
Turi King Diversity
CREDIT: Turi King

2020 Call for Entries

Entry for the 2020 competition will open early in the New Year.

SPotY 2020 Call