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CREDIT: Robert Bolton ARPS

Robert Bolton ARPS

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Statement of Intent

In 2019 and 2020 I travelled to Greenland and Iceland to work on my ARPS project. I am drawn to minimalist compositions of ice, snow and rock. In particular, icebergs the size of football stadia, each with their own unique character. It is like a desert, a very cold desert! But I soon realised that the abstracts were just as interesting and created micro landscapes amongst the giant mountains and icebergs. I wanted to capture the shapes and textures, macro and micro. I was also struck by the minimal tones, mainly blue, black and white, as if a neon blue electric light was switched on. The Arctic stands testament to our changing world.

None of these views exist now, owing to the impermanence of ice and snow. The issue is that the rate of change is ever accelerating. This is my interpretation of this incredible and 'moving' landscape.