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Imaging Scientist

For those that work in the fields of engineering, science and technology

RPS Imaging Scientist vocational qualifications are open for application from those who have professional careers within the fields of engineering, science and technology.

Photographic and imaging techniques are used increasingly in practically all walks of life; the image is as important as the printed word. The science and technology that make this possible come from imaging scientists working in a wide range of disciplines and applications. To recognise achievements in this field, and to enhance career prospects by recognising professional competence, The Royal Photographic Society offers professional Imaging Scientist Qualifications.

These provide a structure leading to professional qualifications for engineers, scientists and technologists whose professional activities are concerned with scientific imaging, quantitative or mechanistic aspects of imaging systems or their applications. They are recognised by the imaging and science community as essential benchmark qualifications benefiting all sections of the imaging world. The relevant academic disciplines (scientific imaging, chemistry, engineering, physics, computer science, imaging science, colour science etc.) and their applications will be interpreted as widely as possible.

Those members who acquire an Imaging Scientist Qualification will also receive a Society Distinction. All members must use both their Imaging Scientist Qualification and Distinction together in that order.

Prices and Levels

  1. (QIS & LRPS) Qualified Imaging Scientist £42.50
  2. (GIS & ARPS) (AIS & ARPS) Graduate Imaging Scientist & Accredited Imaging Scientist £60.00
  3. (ASIS & FRPS) Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist £85.00


The cut off dates are the same for all three levels.. 


Cut off date: 28th May 2021
Result announced: 25th June 2021

Cut off date: 30th September 2021
Result announced: 29th October 2021

Cut off date: 28th January 2022
Result announced: 4th March 2022

Panel Members

2022 - 2023

Prof. Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS - Chair
Spike Walker ASIS FRPS
Prof. Mark Richardson ASIS FRPS
Prof. Sophie Triantaphillidou ASIS FRPS

Contact us

For help with your ISQ application, please contact:

Distinctions Department
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