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Ind. Trad. At LCCI

Ind. Trad. At LCCI
London Region's Independent Project Exhibition at LCCI


Celebrating London’s Independent Traders

An Exhibition of Work by RPS London Region Photographers, highlighting and recording the role played by Independent Shops and Businesses both old and new, now and during the pandemic.

Image Erica Steenkamp, owner, Blue Belle Cafe. Photographer Natasha Bennett

Exhibited by invitation of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of their Go Connect Networking Events Programme.

19th April, 2023

LCCI Members’ Lounge

33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP



About the RPS London Project:  Celebrating London’s Indepdent Businesses.

There is no doubt that our High Street businesses have struggled for many years now, competing with major brands who have strong supply chains and can provide low-cost goods quickly and easily, either in person or online. But there are areas where small family businesses have existed for many generations and which are still there through entrepreneurship, clever ideas and/or through serving their local community. Many provide basic essentials to local people, others provide personal services such as hairdressing, others fix bicycles and others provide outlets for fine art and luxury items. Of course there are coffee shops, books shops etc. – too many to list in this summary.


Continuing the Celebrating London theme, we wish to celebrate and record these Independent Shops and Businesses both old and new, photograph them and in some cases tell the stories behind them: stories about some of the people who run them, how they started, and how they see the future.

Future of the Exhibition

This Exhibition and further work in the series will form part of a “Projects” Exhibition to be held at the Espacio Gallery from October 10th to 15th 2023.

Judy Hicks

Co-Deputy Regional Organiser

RPS London Region


For all information please contact RPS London Region Organiser, David Hicks,  by email to

19th April 2023