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Regional Secretary - Richard Glynne Jones ARPS

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My name is Richard Glynne Jones, and I am the secretary for the North Wales Region.

I am an amateur photographer, since I first picked up a camera aged 15. I tend to be a traditionalist having worked with film for many years.

I do not identify myself with a particular genre, and now just term myself a photographer.

For me a photographer captures what she/he visualises through the viewfinder and lens, recording it on either film or a digital format.

Like a painter, the physical product is a print of the visualisation. The photographer is individually responsible for craft of producing his or her print.

I am self-taught through trial and error, and in the last decade I have used the distinctions channel to try and improve my output.

In this regard, I remain grateful to the Royal Photographic Society, and other photographic organisations for this opportunity.