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Recorded Talks

Here we list recordings of zoom talks hosted in the North Wales Region.

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CREDIT: Ethan Beswick

With a View to North Wales (I) - a talk by Ethan Beswick

In this talk, Ethan seeks to explore how to find narrative in your immediate surroundings and collating images to form a responding body of work. Using visual language to communicate themes and ideologies to demonstrate methods of presenting work, Ethan will discuss his personal influences and some of his projects.


With a View to North Wales (II) - a talk by Hazel Simcox

This is the second talk in a short series of presentations by photographers making work in and about Wales.

Hazel will introduce you to her photographic practice and methodology of ‘responding to the landscape’. The motivation behind her image making will be discussed alongside the strategies she uses for creating an engaging photographic project

CREDIT: Robert Law

With a View to North Wales (III) - a talk by Robert Law

Taking the very first steps in forming a new (or your first) project or series can often seem the most difficult. In his presentation ‘Create – Collaborate’, Rob suggests ways to form your own body of cohesive work centred on an engaging narrative and drawing from various sources of inspiration.

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CREDIT: Robert Law

Holyhead - 'Sea Change?' A talk by Robert Law

‘Holyhead – Sea Change?’ documents an overlooked seaport town, which in common with many other coastal towns, voted to leave the EU. In trying to decode this paradox, Rob discovered an economically challenged, but proud, independent community with an awareness of its history.