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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We envisage a photographically vibrant and enthusiastic North Wales, where photographers with different backgrounds have the opportunity to form networks and communities, create work and contribute through the medium of photography to the Fine Arts as well as to education on pressing societal and environmental issues.

Our mission

We want to support photographers through the provision of resources and a platform for the exchange of thoughts, experience and knowledge.

We seek to encourage and incentivise photographers to use the medium not only to record facts or likenesses, but also to adopt artistic techniques to convey messages and emotions.

We strive to support photographers to embrace the history, theory and concepts of photography in order to develop a vision beyond the picture itself, and to re-examine images and photography as a medium in new ways.

Our aims

We aim at supporting photographers to actively engage with the photographic community in Wales, in the UK and worldwide. In this way, their photographic vision can be enriched and expanded. This should encourage comfort zones to be rethought, instigating new photographic journeys.

Our objectives

  • to continually seek to provide appropriate resources to those who need them
  • to organise events like talks and workshops (online or as meetings) and exhibition visits
  • to build a collection of references to online and print materials
  • to set up, coordinate and manage photographic projects with participants from North Wales in the first place, and from further apart where possible
  • to link up and work with people in photography as well as in the art world, in order to build connections and networks