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Hanging Plan DJ Irving

David Irvine ARPS - "Associate" Panel

Statement of Intent

This Applied & Portraiture panel was submitted for an Associate Distinction on the 25th May 2022

A ever increasing number of Kite-surfers journey all year round, from far afield to Troon, on the West coast of Scotland.
I seek to capture and relay the athleticism, spatial awareness, balance, “sky soaring”, courage and the scale of this extreme sport.
The participants contend with all weathers including gusting winds, fast moving squalls, rain, inconsistent sea states and occasionally a windy day with sunshine.
The sporting spectacle, is further enhanced with Kite-surfers travelling at speed, from a variety of directions including dropping from above.
As the Kite-surfers have very few moments to appreciate themselves in action due to their concentration levels, exertions and constantly altering viewpoints, I return to them the spectacle of their exploits via prints, digital files and their social media.
Kite-surfing coaching and equipment businesses along with displays in some local cafes also benefit from using the images.

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