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Statement of Intent

This Applied Panel was submitted for an Fellowship Distinction on the 8th June 2023

Rolleiflex Wide-Angle No.W2491862 circa 1961

Rolleiflex TLR cameras have always represented the pinnacle in medium format system cameras with a full
range of accessories to aid the photographer since 1929.

This guide to using the camera, which takes the form of a panel, shows loading; focusing; fitting and using
the various accessories which are available. The purpose of the guide is to explain, to the viewer, its features and accessories. The pleasure and anticipation to be gained from using a Rolleiflex, together with the lens quality, is what makes the Rolleiflex Wide-Angle the outstanding camera it is.

Every element of this panel was photographed and typed by me taken from information garnered from my
own sources and the internet. Although the style follows a traditional Rollei user manual, it is intended as
only a guide and nothing is taken from any actual published documentation.