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NC-Hanging Plan

Nigel Corby FRPS - "Fellowship" Panel

Statement of Intent

This Contemporary Panel was submitted for a Fellowship Distinction on the 20th October 2022

This project is about the role of memory in creating the sense of unease which we sometimes experience when visiting places for the first time.
Evolution has given us a keen instinct to try to understand unfamiliar places in case they present threats. When visiting a new location, we will try to find similarities with our memories of other places. We may feel unease in the new location if we remember those other places as being unusual, uncomfortable or unpleasant. This unease can serve us well in keeping us alert to possible threats in new and unfamiliar environments (although excessive unease leading to elevated levels of anxiety can be unhealthy and debilitating).
Our memories will come from:
1. Places we have actually visited; but also
2. Places we have not visited but which we have been told about;
3. Fictional places from our cultural heritage including those in the stories, pictures and films which we have read, listened to and seen during our lifetimes.
These images are from visits I made to several country estates. Each image shows a place where my memories caused me to feel unease when I first visited.