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SD - Hanging Plan

Stewart Dodd LRPS

A Salutary Lesson

Stewart bravely sent this failed Associate Panel in as an object lesson in where things can go wrong.


I am sending you my failed A panel to put up so that it will be a warning to others..haha.

The panel was done a few years ago and at the time it was a near miss as it was a split decision and some active discussion went on out in the corridor.

When you are doing something like this it can become quite intense and the obvious blatantly staring you in the face is not computing in your head. I wanted to enhance the rust, and that time my photoshop skills were pretty basic and ended up pushing the saturation levels up to achieve what I was looking for and not registering that so was everything else. It was only when they put the panel up that it was plain to see. Hey ho. It has been languishing in a cupboard since and can't seem to motivate myself to get going and produce something else.