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Calendar for your smartphone

Calendar Screens

These are provisional guidelines, which will be expanded as necessary.

You can add Thames Valley Region events and activities to your personal smartphone calendar, so you'll never miss an upcoming offering from the Region.

If you run Google Calendar, you first need to open your Google account on a desktop or laptop to make the necessary changes. For Google, the procedure is very straightforward:

Right click HERE and choose 'Save As: Copy Link' or 'Copy Link Location' (or whatever other wording your browser might use).

In your opened Calendar account, choose 'Other calendars (+)' and paste the copied link into the Calendar's 'From URL' option.

You may need to wait a while (sometimes up to 24 hours) for it to appear on your phone. You may also need to open your phone's Calendar settings and ensure that this Calendar is 'synced'.

If you simply want to view this Calendar in your browser, just click HERE.

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