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Windsor DSC5866 2
'Locations' Project
A collaborative project to bring together the best of photography from the Thames Valley Region

As we hopefully emerge from the restrictions associated with Covid it is a great time to share your favourite locations within the region. Please email your images to the Thames Valley Web Editor. Images should include your name (and any photographic distinctions), location details and ideally any thoughts on best time or time of year. The image should be a minimum of 2,400 pixels on its longer side, as, if we eventually produce a book of these images, that would work for an A4 size (in that event you would of course be credited). The Locations images can be viewed in our Locations Gallery. Note these images may be used on our Facebook page at a later date.

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Frontiers 2
CREDIT: Rolf Kraehenbuehl
'Frontiers' Project
A collaboration between the Royal Photographic Society and the North Wales Photographic Association
This was mentioned previously as being in the pipeline but has gone live now.  Devised by Rolf Kraehenbuehl of RPS North Wales Region, but inviting contributions from any Region and SIG, the idea is for each photographer to work on the specified theme, interpreting it however they wish.
The theme is ‘Edgelands’ defined, intentionally loosely, as the transition zone between the built and natural environments.  It’s a great opportunity to think laterally and creatively, and to give a focus to your photography over the summer.
Your submission should consist of an artist’s statement of 100 words and five images (max file size 10Mb, longest edge 4000 pixels, sRGB JPEG format).  Final submission date is September 19th 2021.
There are extensive further notes on the RPS North Wales site.  PLEASE NOTE: Thames Valley members do NOT need to pre-register, but should state their Region in their submission.  If you would like to copy your submission to us (, this would be appreciated as it will allow us to track entries and potentially feature the participant in our Regional news.  Similarly, contact us with any questions.
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