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Yevonde Philone Middleton (1893–1975) was a studio photography who used the professional name Madame Yevonde. She produced a remarkable series of colour photographs using the Vivex process from c..1930-1939 when the process was discontinued. Production never resumed after the second world war. The process was invented by Dr D. A. Spencer and was manufactured from 1928 until 1939. 

This image was given to the RPS by one of Madame Yevonde's former assistants in 2019. It was exhibited in the RPS/National Portrait Gallery exhibition of Yevonde's work: Madame Yevonde Colour, Fantasy and Myth (1990). 

This colour photograph is titled Crisis was and made by Madame Yevonde in 1939. 

Crisis (Sml Web)
Madame Yevonde / Crisis (1939)