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Kristjan 9
CREDIT: Jack Latham / National Archives Iceland

Resources for Sugar Paper Theories

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Kristjan 9
CREDIT: Jack Latham / National Archives Iceland

Sugar Paper Theories

Bristol-based photographer Jack Latham, immersed himself in the most controversial murder investigation in Icelandic history, the Guðmundur and Geirfinnur case. From meeting key protagonists to locating and photographing key sites of the investigation, the project brings together original photographs with a range of archival and documentary materials to explore the fundamental relationship between photography and truth.

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Jack Latham Image
CREDIT: Simone de Greef

Jack Latham

Jack Latham (b.1989) is a Bristol based photographer. He is the author of several photobooks; A Pink Flamingo (2015), Sugar Paper Theories (2016) and Parliament of Owls (2019). His work has been exhibited internationally including solo shows at Reykjavik Museum of Photography and TJ Boulting Gallery, London. Latham’s projects have received multiple awards including the Bar-Tur Photobook award (2015), Image Vevey Heidi. News Prize (2019) and most recently, BJP International Photography Award (2019). 

Jack Latham
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Learning resources including project ideas

These resources were designed in partnership with Photopedagogy for teachers and students at secondary level.  However they can be adapted to other age groups and work as inspiration for anyone wanting to start their own project.



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SPT Gallery 2

Sugar Paper Theories - Virtual Gallery

This virtual gallery will allow you to visit and interact with the exhibition wherever you are in the world.  

  • The tour can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices, however desktop access is preferred.
  • The gallery has white, grey and black pin-points, white are photographs, grey are captions and text and black for information and links.
  • To view a high resolution image of the photographs click on the pin-point and then click on the image.
  • You can use a mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out and on mobile devices can use the pinch function.

The gallery can be used alongside the learning resources, where you can take a more in-depth journey into Jack Latham's work and find inspiration to create your own projects. 

There are also podcasts from those involved in the case, Dylan Hewitt creator and director of Out of Thin Air and an interview with Jack where he discusses how he approached and created a body of work around such a complex and fascinating case.

Thank you to the tutors and students at Boomsatsuma for creating this gallery along with the podcasts and videos.