Tim Smith
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Ukraine & Russia: Past and Present

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As part of the RPS's response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine the RPS is hosting a special event arranged by photojournalist Tim Smith.

When Ukraine declared itself independent in 1991 it sealed the final collapse of the Soviet Union. Photojournalist Tim Smith’s images, taken both sides of this pivotal moment, illustrate stories of Ukraine and British Ukrainians.

His photographs explore how, at independence, the uncovering of a previously forbidden history helped to forge a new nation. This past also shapes the present. Vivid memories of life under Soviet rule continue to fuel the current resistance of a population who dread the return of Russian occupation, and who harbour fears that the destruction of both their lives and their land could be followed by attempts to obliterate Ukrainian culture and identity too. 

Tim’s photographs of Ukraine in 1991 were published in The Observer, The Guardian and other newspapers for whom he worked at the time. In 1997 he produced an exhibition entitled Ukraine’s Forbidden History which toured nationally with an accompanying book by Dewi Lewis Publishing. In 2008 these photographs were also exhibited in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi.

Tim toured the UK as the RPS regional speaker in 2013. He is a long-term member of Panos Pictures and continues to work with the British Ukrainian community. Together they curated Voices in Exile, part of a multi-media exhibition shown at the National Science and Media Museum in 2019.

Tim's presentation will be followed by a public Q+A. Your Zoom link will be sent with your booking confirmation. 

The RPS is hosting Tim. All donations will be passed to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Although you may attend the talk for free we would encourage you to make a donation via the RPS or directly to DEC. 

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Michael Pritchard


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