Website guidance A new website for the RPS

This year, we have developed our new website, and it launched on 26 November.

We want to extend a huge "thank you" to all the volunteers and staff who have worked so incredibly hard on this project.

We sent reminders to RPS members throughout November, explaining the impact of this change on member profiles and galleries.

Our website caters for a lot of different needs. Our first priority is to successfully launch a stable site on the new platform. Once established and we have ironed out any teething problems, we will then address new areas of development, so we very much appreciate your patience.

Common issues we are receiving from users

We will update as we learn more:

  • Emails not received: Some emails will be blocked by your email providers, and may not even get to your SPAM folder. We are experiencing this especially with respect to BTinternet email addresses. If this applies to you, please email or call 0117 3164489.
  • DIG digital online: We became aware that online membership of DIG was not showing in personal profiles and have now resolved this.


If you have any feedback on the new site once it is launched, we would appreciate you providing this using this online form.

Why did the website change?

Much of the change is driven by the need to ensure stability, performance and usability for the future. We have built a brand-new website on a new platform which is fully optimised for mobile devices, faster and more stable.

The website is used regularly by many members and thousands more non-members, receiving over 500,000 visits in the past year.

We know that increasingly younger people and non-members are using the site and that non-members found the old site difficult to navigate. We want to ensure the site is appealing and accessible to all users, showcasing the best the RPS has to offer for everyone.

How is the new site different?

As well as a unified and clean look and feel, we are aiming to provide a site that:

  • improves navigation for all users including those who are not familiar with the RPS, so that they can more easily understand who we are and what we have to offer.
  • allows us to more easily highlight specific exhibitions and events so that we can draw attention to the best the RPS has to offer
  • is more visually appealing, with an improved image-led look and feel
  • offers a better experience for event bookings, MyRPS, and improved gallery functionality for Members
  • improves functionality for our tirelessly patient volunteer web editors so they can set up and manage events much more easily.

Changes to member profiles and how to edit

Because we have rebuilt the site on a new platform with so many fundamental changes, we are not able to migrate member profiles from the old site. This means that:

  • you should receive an email on the launch date reminding you to reset your password.
  • you will need to verify and reset your password before you are able to log in to MyRPS and your member profile.
  • you will then need to create new information for your member profile. For instructions on how to do this, please read this guidance.
  • all member profiles will be set to private by default and will not be visible to casual site visitors. You will be able to share your profile page with others using a unique link.
  • once you are logged in, you will be able to visit the Region and Groups of which you are a member, download the Journal, and update your gallery.

Member galleries

  • You will be able to update your new profile with up to 100 images and to select a number that will be viewable to others.
  • Logged in Members who view your images will be able to rate your selected images using a “thumbs up” scale.

Whilst we appreciate some Members will be sorry to see the multiple galleries go, we know that there are many other platforms on the web for sharing photographs that provide a far better experience than we could ever hope to. Our aim is to provide something that is a bit unique that allows RPS Members to support one another in their photographic journeys.


If you are having problems specifically with logging in, please email or call 0117 3164489.

Please check back here for more

We will continue to update this page, so please check back for updates, and remember to provide feedback using this online form.