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The Royal Photographic Society is a company incorporated by Royal Charter, and also a registered charity. It is regulated by the Charity Commission. Please read on for more information ...

Please note: The RPS is currently reviewing all its governance arrangements, in consultation with its members. Details of this ongoing process are set out here.




Our Royal Charter was granted by Her Majesty the Queen on the advice of the Privy Council on 27 July 2004. The Charter states the objectives Society, what it may and must do, and how it may be run.

In defining the objects of the RPS, the Charter states:

"The objects of The Society are to educate members of the public by increasing their knowledge and understanding of Photography and in doing so to promote the highest standards of achievement in Photography in order to encourage public appreciation of Photography.

In this Charter 'Photography' shall mean the Art or Science of the recording of light or other radiation on any medium on which an image is produced or from which any image may by any means be produced."

The Charter prevails if there is any conflict in meaning or instruction with the ByLaws or Rules, and the ByLaws prevail over the Rules.


The ByLaws set out, at a high level, how the RPS is run. They may be amended at an AGM or EGM. They were last revised and approved on 28 September 2019.


The Rules are made under Section 16 of the Charter. They detail key management procedures that determine important aspects of our management. They may be amended at an AGM or EGM. They were last revised and approved on 28 September 2019.


During Autumn and Winter 2020, the RPS has been consulting widely about its future strategic direction. An ambitious new strategic plan is emerging, and we look forward to sharing this with you in March 2021. It will be available to download here in due course.


Each year, our Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts are approved at the AGM and submitted to the Charity Commission. Please click the following links to download the most recent reports:

|  2019  |  2018  |  2017  |  2016  |  2015  |  2014  |  
|  2013  |  2012  |  2011  |  2010  |  2009  |  2008  | 


For details of the 2019 AGM and elections, please click here.



The following policies and guidelines are available for general reference. Further guidelines and policies may be available for members and volunteers when logged in to the website.

Member code of conduct   Our Members are expected to support one another at all times and behave in a way that protects the reputation of the RPS. This document details our expectations of Member conduct and how we manage this.

Privacy policy   Our privacy policy explains what personal information we hold and how we use it. It explains the legal basis we use for processing personal information and your rights with regard to this.

Website terms and conditions   Our website terms and conditions outline our basis and expectations for the provision of this website and our expectations for how it will be used. It also explains our use of cookies on the website.

Complaints   If you have an issue or complaint about the RPS, we ask you to first take this up with an appropriate member of staff. If you are still dissatisfied, then you may escalate to a manager or if necessary email As a final resort, we have a formal complaints procedure, which may be used if, regrettably, we have not been able to address your issue.