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Rps Corporate

AGM 2020

Details of the Annual General Meeting and President's Address

Formal notice is hereby given for the 2020 AGM, which will be held on 26 September 2020 at 1000 BST.

In light of the continued uncertainty brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, and in consideration of guidance issued by our regulating body, The Charity Commission, the meeting will be held online by videoconference.

The AGM will be followed by the President's Address and an opportunity for question and answer with the trustees.

We also hope that by holding the meeting by videoconference we will be able to welcome more members from around the world to the meeting.


0915     Meeting log in starts
1000     AGM commences

  • Note the special circumstances of the meeting
  • Minutes of the 2019 AGM
  • 2019 accounts and Trustees Annual Report
  • Appointment of auditors for 2020

1055     AGM close

Only ordinary business will be transacted at the AGM. There will be no special business.

Approval of the 2019 minutes, approval of the annual reports, and appointment of auditors will all be decided by a show of hands and there will be no decisions taken by poll.

1100     President's Address
1130     Question & answer
1200     Close

Meeting papers for download

Attending the videoconference meeting

Members will be able to register to attend the meeting between midday 14 September and midday 21 September by visiting this page.

The meeting will be conducted using the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Attendees will need to install and configure the software before the meeting. For guidance, please visit this page.

Appointing a proxy

We are using videoconference as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, this also makes it much easier or all members to attend the meeting and the requirement for proxies should be much reduced.

The videoconferencing platform limits our ability to manage proxy voting, and it should be borne in mind that, since there is no special business, all voting will take place by a "show of hands" and not by a "poll".

Therefore, members may appoint only the Chair of the meeting as their proxy. The Chair will convey your questions and views in good faith.

Please note that when votes are taken by a "show of hands", a proxy has only one vote for and one vote against each motion, regardless of how many proxies held.

If you would like to appoint the Chair as your proxy, you may do so by visiting this page.

Ongoing communication

Please return regularly to this page for further updates.

A printed notice of the AGM will appear in the September edition of The Journal, which is scheduled to start arriving in Member's homes from 1 September.

Members will be sent additional email reminders of the process throughout September.

Please ensure your contact details, including your email address, remain up to date.

For further assistance please email