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CREDIT: Chris Renk

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Collection of eMagazines of the Germany Chapter Royal Photographic Society, which is published on a quarterly basis.

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Below is an overview of all eMagazines, with a summary published by the Germany Chapter.
These can be viewed on our website and the Royal Photographic Society's ISSUU platform.

We want to invite all members of the Germany Chapter to participate in actively creating the eMagazines.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have photos of previous journeys or particular projects in your archives.
We will happily discuss the article's design with you and prepare it for publication.

4th Quarter 2023
  • Top Story: "Times Square New York" by Siegfried Rubbert LRPS
  • Events: "The English Riviera Airshow" by Edmund Nägele FRPS
  • Chapter Member's Photo Work: 4th Quarter 2023
  • How to: "A Guide to Photographing Waterfalls" by Chris Renk
  • Tips & Tricks: "Photographing in Cold Winter Weather" by MPB
3rd Quarter 2023
  • Top Story: "On Eye Level with Nature" by Chris Renk
  • Location Guide: "World Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte" by André Meyer-Vitali ARPS
  • Chapter Member's Photo Work: 3rd Quarter 2023
  • How Comes: "From cave lights to Abstract photography" by Martin Gerling
  • Photo-Equipment: "Best Compact Travel Cameras in 2023" by MPB
2nd Quarter 2023
  • Top Story: "Petticoat & Flower Power" by Christian Weiß
  • Location Guide: "Short Story about 20-Stories" by Grahame Soden ARPS
  • Chapter Member's Photo Work: 2nd Quarter 2023
  • ARPS Distinction: "From a Concrete Idea to Champagne" by Andre Meyer-Vitali
  • Photo-Knowledge: "How to capture emotion in photography" by MPB
1st Quarter 2023
  • Top Story: "Experiment and be surprised";
  • Location Guide: "Lake Scharmuetzel";
  • Chapter Member's Photo Work: 1st Quarter 2023;
  • Event Back Report: "The Annual Vindelälvsdraget";
  • Equipment Guide: "Lenses for Macro Photography";
4th Quarter 2022
  • Top Story: "Ready for Departure";
  • Travel: "Abandoned and shunned";
  • Chapter Member's Photo Work: 4th Quarter 2022;
  • Event Back Report: "Biennale di Venzia;
  • History: "The Seven Secrets";
3rd Quarter 2022
  • Top Story: "Dust and Glamour - on Route 66";
  • Member's Photo Work: 3rd Quarter 2022;
  • Distinction - "Horst Witthueser";
  • ICM: "Siegfried Rubbert LRPS";
2nd Quarter 2022
  • Top Story: "The Beauty of Munich's Subway";
  • Member's Photo Work: 2nd Quarter 2022;
  • That’s me - My Style: "Anthony Cutler."
  • Events: "The Wave Gothic Festival";
1st Quarter 2022
  • Top Story: SWEDEN RALLY 2022;
  • Life Lines: When Photography drifts into virtual painting;
  • Member's Photo Work: 1st Quarter 2022;
  • Exhibition: I see something;
  • Members Interview: Chris Renk;
4th Quarter 2021
  • Top Story: "70/53 - A Photographic Almanac";
  • Location Guide: HAWAII - Landscape Photography in Dream Locations;
  • Member's Photo Work: 4th Quarter 2021;
  • Events: Photo Competition - "Floods in Hohenlimburg and its Surroundings";
  • Members Interview: Siegfried Rubbert LRPS;
3rd Quarter 2021
  • Top Story: "MUC - ZINE ONE - WIESN";
  • Distinction "Horst Witthueser - My Way to AIPF";
  • Shortlisted: "Dr Leo Ruickbie";
  • Member's Photo Work: 3rd Quarter 2021;
  • Exhibition: "Grahame Soden ARPS - SEEN"
  • Members Interview: Martin Gerling LRPS
2nd Quarter 2021
  • Top Story: "Landscape Photography - The Art of Seeing the Beauty";
  • Exhibition "Proportion";
  • Equipment: "Horizon 202 Panoramic Camera";
  • Member's Photo Work: 2nd Quarter 2021;
  • Craft: "Being an Aerial Photographer"
  • Members Interview: Eberhard Potempa
1st Quarter 2021
  • Top Story: "The Maker of Street Art"
  • How to Do: Elk in the North
  • Members Interview - Horst Witthueser LRPS
  • Exhibition "Explosives and Dynamite in the Sterbeck Valley"
  • Members Photo Work, 1st Quarter 2021
  • Location Guide: "The Isle of Jersey - The Atlantic Wall"
3rd Quarter 2020
  • Being a Volunteer for the Society, Interview of Chris Renk
  • How to Do: A Life in the Fast lane, by Grahame Soden
  • Members Interview - Paul Joyce LRPS
  • Exhibition "Proportion"
  • Members Photo Work, 2nd Quarter 2020
  • Location Guide: "The Isle of Fehmarn"
2nd Quarter 2020
  • Farm Gardens in the Bergisches Land, A Photo Story by Eberhard Vogler
  • How to Do: Northern Lights, by Grahame Soden
  • Members Distinction Panels - Horst Witthueser LRPS
  • Exhibition "Example is Everything"
    Gallery "Example is Everything"
  • Members Photo Work, First Quarter 2020