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Collection of Publications of the Germany Chapter

What to read / to watch ...

On this page, you can inform yourself about the publications of the German Chapter. The papers serve on the one hand to update our members about current activities such as exhibitions, Advisory Days and upcoming meetings. On the other hand, the publications serve to present the Chapter to the public, which is especially important to us. 

In detail, we publish the following publications:

  • eMagazines, which will be published quarterly from 2020 onward and contain reports about exhibitions of the Chapter, successful Distinction Panels of our members, as well as articles about photo themes and photography events in Germany and neighboring countries. The eMagazines will be made available on and the Chapter website on On special occasions, the Chapter also makes the eMagazine available as a print version.

  • Newsletters. Released via email, these provide ad-hoc infromation about upcoming events and regional activities of the Chapter which haven't made it into the eMagazines.

  • Photo Yearbooks. These are published at the end of the year and include photographs of members taken during the current year. These will be made available as e-versions on / and as print versions on request.

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CREDIT: Chris Renk
An archive of our publications in 2019