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Two Day Wedding Photography Workshop

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Limited to 8 people.

This workshop will introduce you to photographing a wedding:

We will start with a short introduction to marketing for success, latest trends and developments in wedding photography, getting bookings and developing a viable business strategy for wedding photography.

We will discuss current trends in wedding photography from unplugged weddings to photography styles. There will be elements regarding the importance of a professional wedding photographer and the development of a social media strategy.

Show how to work with and control the light on the day and demonstrate the pitfalls and problems encountered, demonstrating how to overcome them.

Teach subtractive and additive techniques, using light modifiers as well as the use and control of flash and fill lighting.

Show how to deal with poor and artificial lighting on the day. Conduct a shoot with a bride/groom showing some set poses for the day.

Take you through the planning required to ensure the wedding day runs as smoothly as possible, helping to reduce the stress on the day.

Run through the wedding day shoot (slideshow presentation) talking about the choice of lens and camera settings.

Day 1

9:45 - 10.00 Arrival and registration.10:00 - 11:00

  • Introduction and slideshow presentation of wedding images
  • Doing the wedding business, marketing, pricing, product mix and social media
  • Develop a strategy for getting business

11:15 - 13:00

  • A live shoot using both on and off-camera flash as well as natural light.
  • The quality of light – the key ingredient in photography.
  • The pro’s and con’s of using flash.
  • Equipment that takes your flash off-camera, reflectors and lighting modifiers.
  • Controlling the speedlight with Flash exposure compensation.
  • Controlling and balancing the ambient light when using flash.
  • Using High speed sync.
  • Develop a high key bridal shot with delegate involvement.

1:00 – 1:45 Lunch

1:45 - 3:15 Location shoot.

  • Working with ambient light and a strategy for dealing with full sun.
  • Location shoot, working with off-camera flash / ambient light.

Flash equipment and radio triggers will be provided.

  • The use of flash and fill light
  • Developing bridal poses.
  • Controlling the light - Key shifting.
  • Reflectors, diffusers and light modifiers

3:15 – 3:30 Coffee/Tea break.

3:30 - 4:30 Slideshow presentation (Timings may vary depending upon group interactivity).

  • Planning the wedding day shoot.
  • Discuss current styles and trends in wedding photography
  • Dealing with contracts and insurance.
  • Wet weather planning.
  • Pre-wedding meetings.
  • Pre-wedding shooting.
  • What happens when things go wrong? 

Finish 4:30/5pm, however this may run over depending upon the group and questions.

Day 2
Shooting the wedding day (Slideshow presentation)
09:30 - 11:15 (Please note the earlier start time)

  • Working through the wedding day – working to the plan.
  • Dealing with bridal preparation.
  • Working during the ceremony.
  • Dealing with venue protocol – Church and registered venue.
  • Creative shooting inside the Church after the ceremony.
  • Shooting the confetti throw.
  • Photographing groups – group sets.
  • Creative shooting at the venue.
  • Dealing with speeches.
  • Handling low light at the first dance.

11:15 – 11:30 Tea and coffee break.

11:30 – 1:00 Location shoot with a Bride and Groom

  • Location shooting, walking boots may be required but not essential.
  • Using off camera flash
  • Developing poses with the bride and groom
  • Shooting contemporary images.
  • Shoot portfolio images.

1:00 - 1:45 Lunch.

1:45 – 3:15 Location shoot, working with off-camera flash.

  • Shooting with flash only in low light conditions, not in a Church but replicating the light that you may encounter in a Church or low light level environment.
  • Develop some creative contemporary images.
  • Creating bride and groom poses.

3:15 – 3:30 Tea and coffee break. Model release signing.

3:30 – 4:30 Digital workflow and albums.

  • How to reduce your workflow after the wedding.
  • Develop a strategy to speed up your workflow.
  • A strategy for showing the couple the final images.
  • Discuss the current trends for digital images and the pitfalls.
  • Producing the end result through albums or HR images on disc and USB stick. Positives and negatives.
  • How to sell albums for maximising your income.
  • Develop a strategy for delivering quality albums.

Experience required;

  • A working knowledge of their camera and flash (do not forget your camera and flash manual)

Equipment required:

  • Suitable digital camera (however film camera will be OK)
  • Lens's between 35mm – 200mm
  • Dedicated flash unit for the camera (not compulsory)
  • Sufficient CF cards for 2 days shooting
  • Monopod - but not essential (A tripod will not be required)
  • Sufficient batteries or charger for the two days
  • Off-camera flash, radio triggers and light modifiers will be provided.

The shooting sessions will give the delegates the opportunity to photograph a bride (and groom) in set poses used on the day of a wedding. The shooting sessions will be on location and subject to the weather (A wet weather plan can be adopted).

The sessions are due to end at the time specified, however sometimes if there are lots of questions they can end a little later.

If you have a Sony camera it may not accept the standard hot shoe found on other cameras.  There are a couple of adaptors available but it would be useful if you could bring your own.

If you would like to use the images you take on the workshop for any type of promotional purposes you will need to gain the permission of the model. She/he will then sign a model release form - this will carry an extra fee of £20 per model, allowing you full commercial use of the images. There is no charge for photographing the models if the images are only for personal use and will not be used for promotional purposes or used on Social media.

Bring a packed lunch or use local amenities. Free tea, coffee and biscuits are available on both days.

Although there is disabled access for participants on this workshop you are advised to have someone for assistance or an electric wheelchair as some of the paths are more difficult to travel on.

Times: Day 1: 10:00 – 17:00     Day 2  09:30 – 16:30
Parking: You can park in the Red Lion Car Park which is found opposite the barn.

Please bring your own mask to wear where needed and your own hand sanitiser and mugs.

The Tutor:

Terry Hewlett ARPS is a professional photographer with 20 years of experience in the wedding photography business, qualifying as a professional photographer over 45 years ago where he came first in a Royal Society of Arts national photographic competition.

Since then he has specialised in commercial, sport, event and portrait photography and for the past 12 years ran his own photography workshop business specialising in flash photography.

In 2001 he ventured into wedding photography and within a couple of years had a very successful business, doing 30 weddings a year. It is now his passion to pass the wealth of his knowledge on to those starting out in wedding photography and has been teaching the RPS 2 day wedding workshop in Lacock for the past 11 years.

Terry has written and published 2 books, the first on Wedding Photography – Art and Technique, the second on Flash photography – Art and Technique which are still selling well.


Image ©Terry Hewlett ARPS

Event Organiser

Emma Delves-Broughton


Venue Information

Parking: You can park in the Red Lion Car Park which is found opposite the barn

Cancellation policy

Please inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a course as it is not possible to refund any cancellation or transfer to another workshop less than 14 days prior to course start date. The Society reserves the right to cancel a workshop 7 days prior to its start date - please check your hotel and travel cancellation policy as this may be affected.

If you are attending one of our workshops that involves a trip out, please ensure you bring all weather clothing and protection for your camera. Persons under the age of 16 are welcome to attend events but, to conform with UK law, must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult.



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