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The East Anglian Contemporary Group set themselves a project in July 2021 to develop individual interpretations of the meaning of self through whatever photographic medium they chose to use.


Self: character, ego, I, identity, intellect, mind, oneself, person, persona, personality, psyche, soul, spirit

"You will produce a body of work using whatever photographic medium you choose but which must be capable of being shown, shared and displayed on-line.

The synonyms above are just a smattering of the breadth of the term "self" and, indeed, each of them can be expanded so you are encouraged to stretch the envelope and think outside of the box but without being overly contrived or indeed over-thought.  Do what comes naturally.

Whatever you conjure up, there must be a visual narrative."


The brief was very open-ended and members of the group presented their developing ideas at our monthly Zoom meetings for critique by others. The resultant bodies of work have been presented in an on-line gallery that opened on 27th January 2022. There is no end date for the exhibition.

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The best way to experience this virtual exhibition is on a desktop computer but there is an app available for visitors who prefer to use a mobile device. Playing the virtual tour will take you around the gallery but visitors may interrupt the walk-through at will and explore the content at their own pace.

Note: One of the issues we have discovered with using this freeware version is the downgrading of high quality images to a low resolution. Each exhibitor has provided copy and paste links in the image descriptions that will take to blogs of websites with high resolution images - just click the images to open the external links.

 ‘Looking Glass Self’ by Keith Locke ARPS

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Tom Owens ARPS




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