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Contemporary North special meeting

Event info

POSTPONED DUE TO DIFFICULTIES IN GETTING PAID EVENTS PROPERLY LISTED ON RPS.ORG - Watch for an update once the website is working properly.


Please join us face to face at Clements Hall in York.  You are invited to join Contemporary North for a special afternoon with invited speakers. To attend please book this event. 

For directions please contact Patricia A Ruddle ARPS.  She will send you information and directions. Clements Hall is very easy to find and has free parking.

Alexandra Prescott MA.FRPS  - Aspiration to Distinction

“The presentation covers my journey, some useful stuff that it makes sense to share and some universal truths – the point of my journey. “

Wendy North  - “Following lock-down and significant changes in my life, my approach to photography has changed and I’ve begun thinking much more about `making’ images rather than simply taking them. This has recently culminated in a `book making project’ where I compare the rich man in his castle (Wentworth Castle) to the `poor man’ who lost children in the Huskar Pit Disaster.  During my session I would like to take you on the `photographic’ journey that led me back into making books and to a better understanding of what Contemporary photography might look like.”

Glenys Garnett - “I’m generally known for being a very creative photographer always willing to push the boundaries and try something new with my image making. I never really thought of myself as a contemporary photographer as most of my work fits more within the visual arts. However, a lot of my work centres around my personal experiences and I often aim to present a visual metaphor of my thoughts, feelings and emotions through my photography. My talk will give you a little insight into my work showing two projects I’ve worked on most recently, including a photobook project about the Battle of Towton 1461.” 


Note there is a meeting "Yorkshire Region Photo Forum" hosted by the Yorkshire Region in Clements Hall in the morning - please consider booking and coming to both events. (We will add the event link here when it is available.) 

Event Organiser

Patricia A Ruddle ARPS



Clements Hall

Nunthorpe Road


YO23 1BW