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CREDIT: Alexandra Prescott FRPS

Who I am – Who am I? Contemporary Hybrid Meeting

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POSTPONED DUE TO DIFFICULTIES IN GETTING PAID EVENTS PROPERLY LISTED ON RPS.ORG - Watch for an update once the website is working properly.


On 15th October the Contemporary Group will be combining the Quarterly Sandpit event with a face to face meeting at Clements Hall York, accessible by train, car, on foot or with Zoom Technology - it is a hybrid meeting.

The theme of the day is ‘Who I am – Who am I’ with a talk in the morning by Sophie Jeffrey photo@sophie-jeffrey.com. There will also be a Distinctions Talk, Discussion and the Sandpit (2PM) which will follow through on the theme

In person visitors will also be able to enjoy the ‘Community Lunch’, a ‘Lunchtime Print’ table and a ‘Recycle Your Kit’ table.

Doors will open at 9.30 am for in person and 9.45 for Zoom visitors.

Enjoy Photography - share your work - Increase your skill set – share your knowledge.

The event is £5.00 – for the whole day. 


Zoom meeting details will be sent to people registered for the event. 

Sandpit Submission Details:
Dates for submission: Between 01/08 – 30/09
Image Size and format: JPEG. 1600 x 1200. 72dpi
Theme: Who I am – Who am I?
Submit images to: contemporarytreasurer@rps.org
Please label your image files with your name, e.g. jane_smith_001.jpg, jane_smith_002.jpg, etc 

Event Organiser

Alexandra Prescott MA, FRPS



Clements Hall

Nunthorpe Road


YO23 1BW