Paul Gallagher 2

Hands-on Photoshop Printing Workshop with Paul Gallagher

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  1. The Simple B&W Workflow - There are so many ways in which to explore B&W photography and printing but many are hugely complicated. During this session Paul will show how to explore using colours as tones of grey and the straightforward approach to making images that will print displaying wonderful tonality. Paul will also cover split toning, cconversion methods and the use of the Epson Advanced B&W Driver
    2. Mastering Colour Printing and Dealing with Problem Files - The first experience of the camera RAW file can be disappointing, often leading to the photographer deeming the files as worthless. In this session Paul will share a simple workflow and methods of how to create images from files often deleted. I will also cover RAW and Photoshop methods and accurate sharpening.

      You will need to bring a laptop for this event.

      Bring a packed lunch.  Tea and coffee available.

Event Organiser

Barry Senior Hon FRPS


Venue Information

Disabled facilities.  Wheelchair access and Public Address System


Greyfriars Community Centre

44 Christchurch Road


BH24 1DW