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CREDIT: Jan Beesley ARPS

RPS Digital Imaging

Promoting the art and the craft of digital imaging


The Digital Imaging Group (aka 'DIG') was formed in 1996 when camera club photographers first began to use digital cameras. This group of early adopters aimed to help one another when information and support resources were scarce. This philosophy is still at the heart of RPS Digital Imaging and forms the bedrock of our activities. We aim to promote the art and the craft of digital imaging, to provide a context where all members can improve their digital photography. Unlike other Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the RPS, Digital Imaging is not dedicated to a specific genre of photography. The recent rise of popular AI (artificial intelligence) is currently proving both a challenge and an opportunity for us: visit our AI Hub to read more..

Digital Imaging runs a rich programme of online events and workshops throughout the year, with several publications, opportunities to showcase your work and to share images and experience. Explore the links below or visit What We Do to find lots of information to help you engage and enjoy your Digital Imaging membership, whether you are a UK or overseas member.

Digital Imaging membership is open to all existing and new RPS members. If you wish, you can sign up for Digital Imaging Online membership at half the full membership fee. All the benefits of membership are the same, the only difference is that you read the magazines and catalogues online.

Boris Eldagsen
CREDIT: Boris Eldagsen
Promptography vs Photography: How AI Will Define the Future of Image-Making
Online Talk with with Boris Eldagsen 3 November 2023

Boris Eldagsen has been experimenting with AI Image generators since the beginning. He gives an overview of the current state of technical development and its impact on photography and society. He will explain why AI-generated images are not photography, why he considers image generators to be knowledge amplifiers – and uses his own examples to show how AI can be applied creatively.

Shifting Shapes
CREDIT: Jan Beesley ARPS
The 2023-24 Digital Imaging Competition
Themed entries over the year

A new look for our annual competition, with six rounds of themed entries over the year. Voting in rounds 1-5 by members, and expert assessment in round 6 to find the winner of the trophy.

Each theme is announced 2 months before the submission date, to give you time to take work especially for the competition. Submissions can be viewed on our dedicated competition site.

Faded Iris Irene Stupples
CREDIT: Irene Stupples
RHS Plants, Panels and Passion
Online talk with Polina Plotnikova and Paul Debois, 4 October

What makes a successful RHS Portfolio entry?

In this free talk, Polina Plotnikova FRPS and Paul Debois, both RHS judges, will provide insights into the judging process and offer guidance for photographers considering entering for the RHS Portfolio. Showcasing successful panels from the last few years and looking to the future, this is an opportunity to learn about this amazing competition.

Join RPS Digital Imaging

To join, log into the member portal, and click the Join a Specialist Group button. If you have problems, email with your query.  Include your telephone number as they may prefer to call you back.

(If you have recently joined the group and haven't heard anything from us, please contact Jean Robson. There are problems with the RPS's CRM system which mean we don't always get the information we need to welcome you.)