View of a marina from a drone
CREDIT: Fergus Kennedy

The View from Above: Drone Photography with Fergus Kennedy

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The View from Above: An Introduction to the Technique and Art of Drone Photography’ with Fergus Kennedy

Drones have become a worldwide phenomenon, and their use in aerial photography has created a new way of looking at that world. Stills and videos that once required an aircraft charter are now being shot with a drone carried in a backpack, along with your regular photography equipment. With over 15.5 million posts on Instagram tagged with #drone, a revolution in photography is taking place over our heads.

Fergus Kennedy’s introduction to drone photography talk shows that it’s not that difficult to get started. He covers basic issues like drone technology, flying skills, safety measures and legal requirements, and demonstrates how the skills of planning, composition, lighting, focus, and exposure remain essential to capturing great images. He shows how to transfer camera tools and technique from ground to air to achieve outstanding overhead, panoramic, and 360º shots, demonstrating the range of creative possibilities available to the drone photographer. Drones offer a genuinely new perspective, a bird's-eye view previously out of reach for most photographers.

Misty landscape as 'seen' by a drone

Fergus Kennedy specialises in producing high-quality still and video content for a range of commercial and editorial clients. He is also a qualified commercial drone operator, diver and marine biologist and what he enjoys most is using cameras in new ways or in challenging environments, so aerial photography was a natural progression. His photography has been highly commended in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and he is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photography Magazine as well as being a member of the judging panel of Outdoor Photographer of the Year. He is the author of Drone Photography and Video Masterclass and edited Masters of Drone Photography (both published by Ammonite Books).

Cover of Drone magazine

All images copyright Fergus Kennedy.

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