RPS DIG SE Lightroom Step By Step #2 Organise Your Images (1080 × 1080Px)

Lightroom Step by Step #2: Organising your Images

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#2 Organising your images

  • Is your Lightroom catalogue a mess?
  • Are you just starting with Lightroom and don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you fully understand just how Lightroom keeps track of all your images?
  • Have you got images with !  (exclamation points) that you can’t edit?

Well, you’re like most people then!

Help is at hand!

In this talk, Adobe Certified Expert Joe Houghton will explain Organising your images in a plain, easy to understand way:

What time: 10:00:00 AM 

Date of this workshop: Saturday 30 July 2022 

Organising your images is what Lightroom was originally developed for - and it’s REALLY powerful at doing it.

Once you understand just what the Lightroom catalogue actually is and how it works, then organising your images and leveraging the power of Lightroom to order your images becomes MUCH easier.  My catalogue has 640,000 images in it, and I can find anything in a matter of seconds. 

In this talk, Adobe Certified Expert Joe Houghton will - in a plain, easy to understand way:

1. Explain just what the Lightroom catalogue is.

2. Show what happens when you exit Lightroom and choose to backup - and more importantly, what doesn’t happen and why this is critically important!

3. Discuss the importance of a good backup system for your photos.

4.Show how to set up a logical folder structure to store your images in.

5. Show how to change Lightroom’s default import settings to give you more control of where your images end up after import.

6. Show how to add the contents of existing folders on your hard drive(s) into Lightroom.

7. Show how to make all those images you can’t edit (the one’s with exclamation points) editable again.

8.Show how to update Lightroom when you’ve made changes to images & folders outside of Lightroom - in Windows Explorer or Finder for instance.

9.Show how to tag folders by colour or as Favourites, and then just display these folders.

Any queries, please contact Melanie at digse@rps.org

About Joe

Joe has enjoyed photography since his early teens, but only really became serious about it with the rise of digital cameras.  Between 2006 & 2017 he provided Nikon with all their Irish training for customers and dealers, training literally thousands of camera owners at all levels in everything from basic camera techniques through to professional level photography in many genres.  Joe is a member of the Palmerstown Camera Club in Ireland, Royal Photographic Society in the UK, Edinburgh Photographic Society, My Photo Club, the Photographic Society of South Africa, and is a regular member and workshop provider in the Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society in KwaZulu-Natal, as well as a presenter to many Dublin and Irish camera clubs - Joe's own work has been featured in many Irish and international publications, books, and by the Royal Photographic Society and the Photographic Society of South Africa.  He is also a Getty images contributor, and is an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom.  When he doesn't have a camera in hand, Joe lectures at UCD Smurfit - Ireland's top business school, where he has directed the Master's in Project Management programmes since 2008.






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Melanie Chalk


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