RPS DIG SE Lightroom Step By Step #5 Introducing The Develop Module (1080 × 1080Px)

Lightroom Step by Step #5: Introducing the Develop Module

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#5 Introducing the Develop Module

  • Do you make the best use of all the options in the Develop module?
  • Are some of the tabs left closed and never used?
  • Have you ever customised any of the settings here?

Help is at hand!

What time: 10:00:00 AM 

Date of this workshop: Saturday 1 October 2022 

In this talk, Adobe Certified Expert Joe Houghton will - in a plain, easy to understand way, give you a guided tour of the Develop module's different areas, and uncover the power hidden there…

Lightroom’s Develop module is where you can edit your images to make them amazing - even if they come out of your camera needing some work!

Once you understand just what the Lightroom Develop module actually is and how it works, then editing your images becomes MUCH easier.  In this introduction we'll go through all the different areas in Develop so you know where all the tools are, then in future steps, we’ll take a deeper dive into using all Lightroom’s editing power to supercharge your photos!

  1. The Develop module 
  2. The Navigator pane
    1. Fit vs Fill
    2. Zoom views
    3. Moving around your image
  3. The Catalog pane
    1. Syncing photos
    2. Using the Quick collection
  4. The Folders pane
    1. Hard drives
      1. Changing the info about a hard drive
    2. Adding folders into Lightroom
    3. Opening/closing folders using the little arrows
    4. Right click actions on a folder
      1. Move selected photo to this folder
      2. Create sub-folder inside this folder
      3. Create a collection (puts all the images in this folder into a Collection of the same name
  5. Collections
  6. Publish Services
  7. Exporting your images (BIG segment)
  8. The view area
    1. Grid view (G)
      1. Selecting an image
      2. Selecting adjacent images
      3. Selecting non-adjacent images
      4. Selecting all images in a folder
      5. Selecting multiple folders
    2. Loupe view (E)
    3. Compare View (C)
    4. Survey View (N)
    5. People View (O)
  9. The Histogram

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Melanie Chalk


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