RPS DIG SE Lightroom Step By Step #3 Finding Your Images (1080 × 1080Px)

Lightroom Step by Step #3: Finding your Images

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#3 Finding your images

  • Is your Lightroom catalogue still a mess?
  • Have you found yourself unable to find images that used to be there?
  • Are your images organised in a less than optimal way?

Well, you’re like most people then!

In this talk, Adobe Certified Expert Joe Houghton will explain Finding your images in a plain, easy to understand way:

What time: 10:00:00 AM 

Date of this workshop: Saturday 3 September 2022 

Lightroom is REALLY powerful at finding your images - across multiple drives, by date, keywords, and lots of other ways.

Once you understand just what the Lightroom catalogue actually is and how it works, then finding images becomes MUCH easier.  My catalogue has 640,000 images in it, and I can find anything in a matter of seconds. 

In this talk, Adobe Certified Expert Joe Houghton will - in a plain, easy to understand way:

       1.  Show how to search all your folders by name.

       2.  Explain his process for rating images as they are imported, and why this is useful.

       3.  Show how to filter images in a folder or set of folders.

       4. Discuss how to add keywords to your images (both during import and in Library)

       5. Explain how to use the Library Filter bar to find images.

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Melanie Chalk


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