High-Tech and Low-Tech Imaging Technologies: Pinholes and AI

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Imaging Science Group were unable to organise Good Picture symposia for 2020 and 2021.  The group’s committee recognise this is as disappointing for would be attendees as it is for the committee and have made available some past presentations in their archive. However, there is no substitute for the real thing! To address this the Imaging Science Group held a series of mini e-symposia, where guest speakers from previous Good Picture symposia reprised, via Zoom webinars, some of their previous presentations, updated where appropriate.

The second of these free mini e-symposia was High-Tech and Low-Tech Imaging Technologies: Pinholes and AI where we had two lectures by committee members of the Imaging Science Group who shared with us, how in today’s digital world, we can utilise pinholes in a different way, and bring AI to bear on our everyday photography. With assistance of our colleagues in the Digital Imaging Group we have recorded the lectures and you can view them here.

Lecture 1 - Dr Tony Kaye ASIS FRPS: Artificial Intelligence in Photography for Photo Enthusiasts (Independent Imaging Consultant)

Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence is a branch of computer science that is being increasingly used to enhance images. We have seen at previous Good Picture Symposia how its implementation has significantly enhanced the imaging capabilities of mobile phones, but not always to the aesthetic benefit of pictures. In this presentation we will take a look how AI is now firmly established in Adobe Photoshop and in 3rd party Photoshop plugins. We will demonstrate that when sensitively used, AI powered tools can improve your images.


Lecture 2 - Dr Alan Hodgson ASIS HonFRPS: Pinhole Camera Testing in The Digital Age (Alan Hodgson Consulting Ltd.)

Pinhole cameras are well known, even in the digital age. But illuminated pinholes also make great test objects for camera systems. This presentation will show you how to make and use these yourself, and generate some interesting images into the bargain.

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Dr Anthony Kaye ASIS FRPS




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