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Bernardo Cesare ASIS FRPS Science Of (Every?) Day Life
CREDIT: Bernardo Cesare ASIS FRPS

Imaging Science

How photography works, and how this can help make you a better photographer
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About Imaging Science

The Imaging Science Group was formed in 1919 to provide a forum for those members interested in the science behind photography. A century later the Group has a wider purpose. While maintaining our interest in the core technologies, we share knowledge of issues such as colour space, resolution and hardware as well as experience with scientific imaging techniques. Knowing what can and cannot be done allows us all to push the boundaries of our photography, no matter in what part of the medium we practice.

Three Wise Men Dr. David Maitland FRPS
CREDIT: Dr David Maitland FRPS

Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM celebrates the centenary of the Imaging Science Group

Annual General Meeting
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Good Picture 2019

The ever-popular Good Picture symposium returns for its 19th year - this time looking at "Imaging Revealed"

Good Picture 2019