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Imaging Outside of the Visible

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Imaging Science Group were unable to organise Good Picture symposia for 2020 and 2021.  The group’s committee recognise this is as disappointing for would be attendees as it is for the committee and have made available some past presentations in their archive. However, there is no substitute for the real thing! To address this the Imaging Science Group held a series of mini e-symposia, where guest speakers from previous Good Picture symposia reprised, via Zoom webinars, some of their previous presentations, updated where appropriate.

The first of these free mini e-symposia was Imaging Outside of the Visible where we had two lectures by experts in imaging, using light of wavelengths outside of the visible. With assistance of our colleagues in the Digital Imaging Group we have recorded the lectures and you can view them here.

Lecture 1 - Dr Jonathan Crowther: Imaging the Skin – UV, Visible and IR (JMC Scientific Consulting Ltd.)

Photographic imaging of the skin is used across a wide range of research industries, from cosmetics through to pharmaceuticals and forensics.  Moving away from straight visible light photography, and using techniques such as cross polarization, and UV induced fluorescence, or even photographing in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum such as Ultraviolet and Infrared, can provide information otherwise impossible to image.  Imaging of the skin using conventional photography and these alternate techniques will be discussed and reviewed, along with some considerations when approaching this type of work.

Lecture 2 - Adrian Davies MSc ARPS: Digital Photography of Plants Using Ultraviolet Reflected and Fluorescence Techniques (Freelance Photographer)

The presentation will highlight the issues involved with the digital photography of plants using ultraviolet radiation, both reflected and fluorescence. The results are starting to reveal new insights into the world of plants and their flowers.

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Dr Anthony Kaye ASIS FRPS




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