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An introduction to creating and processing infra red images

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This is an online interactive workshop for up to four people at each session.  The workshop will run twice on the same day.  Tickets will go on sale on 10 March.


Infrared photography can produce stunning landscape images but it is not the same as just shooting in black and white.

In this workshop, tutor Colin Jarvis will begin by discussing equipment (including filters and camera conversions) as well as capture techniques; choice of lenses, apertures, suitable subjects, light etc.

Most of the time will then be spent considering post-processing which presents its own set of challenges. A well exposed IR shot is probably underexposed compared to a visible light photograph (or at least it should be!). This will present challenges when you come to post process it as you will have to lift the highlights and the shadows to bring out all the detail hiding in the raw file. You will also find that you have to use selective dodging and burning and mark the areas into zones where you can perform level adjustments to balance the image. You may also find there are ‘hot spots’ that have to be removed.

Colin will be using Adobe Bridge, Photoshop and Silver Efex Pro to bring the images to life. He will use a variety of techniques including adjustment layers, masks and selections.

There are four places available on this workshop and each participant will be invited to submit one unprocessed IR image. During the workshop Colin will demonstrate live editing of each of the four participants’ images using Photoshop. He will explain the whys, whats and hows of his editing processes and, making use of two-way video will answer questions from participants as they go.

Participants should benefit hugely by watching an experienced IR photographer and at the end of the session Colin will send participants digital copies of their own edited images.

To take part in this event you will need a computer or laptop with a built-in or plug-in web cam and a good internet connection. You will need to know how to use your webcam and be able to ensure that your room is quiet throughout the workshop sessions.

The workshop will include comfort breaks. Joining instructions and instructions for submitting your RAW file will be sent after you have booked your place.


This workshop will run twice on the same day:

Morning session: 10:00 - 13:00 

Afternoon session: 14:00 - 17:00 

When booking you should book one paid ticket appropriate to your RPS membership status and one free ticket to indicate your choice of appointment time.  Please do not book more than one appointment time as this will prevent others from making bookings.  

In the event that more than one session is only partly booked, we may move appointments between sessions in order to make best use of the available slots.  No refunds will be offered in these circumstances.


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Mark Reeves


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