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Header Norfolk Groynes By Mark Cresswell LRPS
CREDIT: Mark Cresswell LRPS

RPS Landscape Group

Advancing the art of landscape photography
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Daily Feature

Royal Geographical Society teams up with The Landscape Group

We are really pleased to announce that the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) is lending its support to the Landscape Group's new By Degrees project. 

This is really exciting news as not only is this the first time in their histories that the two societies have collaborated but, more significantly, the anticipated exhibition will give significant exposure to a selection of By Degrees images.  Our thanks go to RPS president Simon Hill HonFRPS who is also a fellow of the RGS and facilitated our contact with Nigel Clifford.

All members of the landscape group and the wider RPS are invited to join in and participation is entirely free. 

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Welcome to the Landscape Special Interest Group. 

Our objectives are:

To encourage photographers to concentrate on the art of landscape photography, in its broadest sense, through enhancing understanding of techniques and collaboration of ideas, with the lofty aim of advancing both the art of the landscape photograph and the skills of those who practise it. 

The group officially launched on 1st January 2016, and we are looking forward to welcoming new members to join us on our journey to maturity (scroll down to join).

Landscape is one of the oldest art forms with many famous landscape painters such as John Constable, Jacob van Ruisdael and J M W Turner.  Since the invention of the camera landscape photography has become one of the most prolific forms of photography, reaching critical acclaim in the hands of photographers like Ansel Adams and Joe Cornish to name but two. 

Latterly techniques such as intentional camera movement (ICM) and multiple exposures have enabled photographers to come closer to the ephemeral images painted by Turner in his later period and the use of perspective control or tilt / shift lenses has allowed digital photographers to emulate the depth of focus and perspective control long achieved through the use of traditional large format cameras.

The use and understanding of filtration is another area in landscape photography that has advanced considerably in the last twenty years and nowadays it is unusual not to find a set of neutral density and graduated filters taking up valuable space in the landscape photographer’s bag.

The use of these techniques and tools, and others, is one area where the group aims to spread the understanding through practical use. The group welcomes all landscape photographers, from the earliest beginner to the Charlie Waites amongst us.

The group runs a rich programme of professionally and member led events throughout the year and produces both a regular e-newsletter and a print magazine every 8 months. There are opportunities to share images through volunteer led print and e-critique circles and our members only Facebook page.


1000X606bracken And Heather, New Forest By Roger Creber
CREDIT: Roger Creber

Newsletter - October

Featuring an update to the By Degrees Project and more!

Download here
1000X660 Flowoflife By Dianabuzoianuarps
CREDIT: Diana Buzoianuarps

Newsletters and other group documents