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CREDIT: Andy Page

Long exposures on the North Somerset coast

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A hybrid online/on-location workshop for 6 participants.  Tickets will go on sale on 13 January.  Please note new date because of covid restrictions.

This new approach to traditional location-based landscape workshops offers you creative, technical and location planning support from an experienced workshop leader, whilst enabling you to comply with social distancing requirements.

Long exposures have become increasingly popular in landscape photography over recent years since the introduction of extreme ND filters, such as the Big and Little Stopper, which allow for extended exposure times. With a little creativity, long exposures can change the way we look at moving objects and capture a real sense of time passing. The results can be highly effective, allowing the photographer to create some truly compelling images.

The stretch of coastline from Clevedon to Burnham-on-Sea, provides for the perfect location for long exposure photography. Clevedon's graceful Victorian pier, the magnificent long pier and vast stretch of beach at Weston-Super-Mare, and the striking Grade 11 Lower lighthouse at Burnham-on-Sea are our principle subject matter for this workshop, offering plenty of opportunities to make some wonderfully moody captures.

Your workshop has been timed, as best as possible, to take advantage of the tidal conditions of this area - the Bristol Channel being home to the second highest tidal reach in the world. Your tutor will explain the best times to shoot at the different locations in order to make the best of the tidal conditions.  It is essential that you are able to undertake your photography on the specified days.

You will learn how to perfect the technique of long exposures, making use of extreme neutral density filters to capture movement and effectively slow down the passage of time. Your tutor; Andy Page, will take you through the many considerations of composition, focusing and calculating exposure times, as well as combining the extreme ND filters with graduated filters to control exposure.

The workshop will feature three elements:

- a detailed online briefing with the workshop leader (via Zoom)

- individual (unaccompanied) on-location photographic shoot at a time to suit you

- follow up image review and critique.


In planning your day(s) out, you should take/wear:
- all your usual camera gear, tripod & filters.
- wellies are advisable but not essential.
- waterproof trousers, and coats should it rain.
- lunch and refreshments.
You will need:
a 0.6 Hard (or medium) graduated neutral density (ND) filter
a 10-stop ND filter 
ideally a 6-stop ND filter 
A shutter release cable (or camera with self-timer)
A sturdy tripod


Please note - due to the coastal locations, specific tide times and dates are crucial factors to be aware of when deciding which date you visit each location.  The dates listed above are are recommended for visiting 2 out of the three locations on a single day.  The dates listed are the optimum dates for visiting either Burnham on Sea or Weston at twilight.


Ticket prices for this event include a £2 carbon offsetting charge.  For more information click here.


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Mark Reeves


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