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The London Region Distinctions Team invite you to an Online Advisory for those working towards their LRPS

We will be looking at both Images for Screen and Print submissions but obviously they will all be reviewed digitally.

For more details on this online event and what to expect on the day - link here

There are just six places for Advice and ten for Observers

What are Distinctions Advisory days?

Advisory days are organised by the RPS regions, so members of the public can either get advice on their body of work before applying for a Distinction or attend as an observer to learn about the Distinctions process and see what advice is given.

If you do book for advice you, will have the opportunity to discuss your body of work with a current panel member in a professional but friendly atmosphere, and if you book just to observe it’s a good way to learn about the Distinction process and see how advice is given.

What are Distinctions?

Applying for our Distinctions takes you on a personal journey, exploring not just “technical competence” but how you want to develop as a photographer, how others react to our work, and what we want to say as a photographer.

Therefore, we ask for a body of work that shows not just the content of the images but also the intent of the photographer. Essentially, photography has a purpose, and that is to explain, challenge, inspire and tell stories. Our distinctions make us better photographers in that sense, telling our own stories.

Before you attend this event

We would encourage you to read the Guidelines which can be found here.

What level should I get on advice on?

If you are not sure then start with the Licentiate (LRPS). To learn about the LRPS requirements please visit the Licentiate page.

For more experienced photographers, who photograph in a particular genre, then please look at the Associate page.

Which Panel Members will give me advice?

Our Advisors will be Janey Devine and Ian Wilson.

How many images shall I submit?

LRPS advice – 10 images plus a maximum of 5 spares. You will be sent a dropbox link in due course but your images must be with us at least one week before the event.

Do all my images need to be mounted?

On this occasion all images will be reviewed digitally so they will note be mounted, but you need to supply either a hanging plan for future print submissions or a sequencing plan for Images for Screen submissions.

Registration and Payment:

To register for the event, please sign and pay above .

Spectator Places

Spectating is a very good way to learn about the distinctions system and to see the advice given. Please do not bring any of your own images to the event on the off-chance that you can receive advice. Only panels that have been booked can be assessed. Spectators places can be purchased on this website too.

Event Organiser

London Distinctions - Brian


Cancellation policy

The Society is unable to refund any cancellation or offer a transfer to another event if the attendee does not notify the Region by e-mail 14 days prior to the event start date. The Society reserves the right to cancel any event 7 days prior to its start date, or less than 24 hours due to adverse weather conditions or extraordinary circumstances beyond its control. All attendees are advised to check hotel and travel cancellation/refund policies, as the Society is unable to offer compensation for any loss.



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