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Licentiate (LRPS)

Licentiate Distinction applications re-opening in spring.
From spring 2024 anyone hoping to obtain a Licentiate will be able to apply online, submitting 10 digital images and a presentation layout. In May 2024 we’ll update this page and RPS members, with the details of the online application process opening and new guidance for Licentiate applications.

Why do a Distinction.

Distinctions offer individuals a real opportunity to develop as a photographer and gain insight and understanding into their own style of photography.

Where to start with Distinctions.

We offer three levels of Distinction; Licentiate, Associate & Fellowship. We recommend you apply for the Licentiate first, unless you're an experienced photographer, in which case you may decide to apply for our Associate distinction first.

If you are considering applying for the Licentiate, applicants must show (among other criteria) a variety of approaches and techniques but not necessarily in subject matter. It's designed to be demanding but achievable for most dedicated photographers. You’ll be required to submit 10 images and a Presentation layout which reflects your ability as a photographer.

Licentiate Criteria

All applications for the Licentiate distinction will be assessed against a criterion which is being updated for the launch of online applications. In the interim as a guide consider the current criteria

  1. Camera work and Technical Quality
  2. Visual Awareness
  3. Communication
  4. Overall Impression

Recommended Resources

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Advisory Days

Advisory days are hosted by the RPS Regions & some Specialist Interest Groups. These can be a great opportunity to present Printed images for some feedback before an assessment. 

Login to your RPS Portal
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Panel Members

Panel Members are our volunteers who assess the submissions for each distinction. They also provide online advice and attend our advisory days. 

Panel Member List
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If you have a burning question, we've possibly already answered it. Have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions to see if we have. 

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one2one advice

To book a one2one, please follow the link below 

How to book a one2one
Certificate & Badges

Replacement Certificates & Badges...

Duplicate Certificates and Lapel Badges can be purchased from the Distinctions Department. This is particularly useful if either are lost, damaged or you just want a spare. 

To purchase, please email with your name and membership number stating which item you're after. For Certificates, please also include your name as you would like it to appear. 

Certificates: £25 each 

Lapel Badges: £10 each

Both prices above include postage. 

Please note: You must be a current member to purchase a new certificate or badge. 

Contact us

For help with your Licentiate application please contact:

The Distinctions Department

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday