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LRPS and ARPS Advisory Day - Litton Cheney - Spectator

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The Southern Region is hosting an Advisory Day for the Licentiate level (LRPS) and Associate (ARPS) Landscape on 6th March 2022. Attending this Advisory day will give you the opportunity to discuss your portfolio with current panel members in a professional friendly atmosphere.


Spectating is a very good way to learn about the distinctions system and to see the advice given. Please do not bring any of your own images to the event on the off-chance that you can receive advice.

What is an Advisory Day?

Members and non-members can get advice on their body of work before applying for the Distinction or attend as a spectator to learn about the Distinctions process and see an example of a successful panel for Licentiate and ARPS Visual ArtWorking for a Distinction takes you on a personal journey that will improve your technical skills, develop your creativity, and broaden your understanding of photography. To find out more about the Distinctions process click here.

What are the requirement for LRPS and ARPS?

LRPS (Licentiate) – If you are not sure, then start with the LRPS, as you will need to show a good photographic competence in camera work, visual awareness, communication and presentation, as detailed in the Guidelines. Find out more about the LRPS Distinction here.

ARPS (Associate) – You need to demonstrate a high technical competence as well as provide evidence of creative ability and the development of a personal style. Find out more about the ARPS Distinction here.

Please note: You can apply direct for the ARPS without being an LRPS, but we would recommend getting an LRPS first before working towards an ARPS, unless you have considerable photographic experience. If you are not sure, it’s much better to start with the LRPS and then work towards an ARPS.

Who are the Advisors?





Tea and coffee will be provided free of charge. It is recommended that attendees should bring a packed lunch.

Event Organiser

Dave Peckham ARPS


Venue Information

Car park. Wheelchair access to the hall. Accessible toilet.


Litton and Thorner's Community Hall

Schoolhouse Lane

Litton Cheney