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Talk : Digital Workflow with Richard Olpin

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"With digital photography, it’s easy to get swamped by a huge library of images, so it’s important to have a reliable workflow to manage that. In this talk, Richard will discuss some of these issues and strategies to make life easier, to save time and to remove some of the barriers we all face when processing our images.

Including some examples of what it’s like as a professional to have to quickly organise literally hundreds of images from a single shoot, to categorise, prioritise and edit them, then to be able to quickly export them in multiple formats for different purposes, whether that is print, digital, social media etc.

One key are which will be covered in depth is the importance of developing a robust strategy for backing up your images, and Richard will discuss various methods to automate this essential task.

Richard will also cover some hints and tips to speed up common editing tasks, and will do some live editing examples to illustrate these, including requests from the floor…"


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