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Develop Your Creative Eye

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Develop Your Creative Eye

10 easy steps to help you develop your creative eye

No matter how great a photographer someone is, everyone has to start at some point - learning the tricks of the trade, identifying how to control camera settings, and learning how to compose creative and dynamic photos.

You have to start somewhere as well, and working on your creative eye is a great place to begin.

But often, it’s not the creativity aspect that’s difficult for new photographers, it’s simply figuring out how to use their creativity to develop their photographer’s eye. During these sessions, we offer a few quick and easy tips that will help refine your creative eye such that you make more interesting photos.

Maybe you’re most interested in portraiture, landscapes, nature or street photography, it is okay to enjoy one type of photography more than others. But there is a wonderful opportunity to develop your

creative eye by taking chances on creating images that are out of your comfort zone.

Let’s begin!

All you require is a camera or smartphone [or both for different in-built techniques and apps], a notebook and pen, and an open mind.

Six session Monday 24th January – Monday 28th February 2022 [18.30pm – 20.00pm]

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Mary Crowther




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