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Yorkshire Regional AGM and Members Day

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The annual Yorkshire Region Hub Members’ Day with an invited guest speaker.

Nick Lockett: From Newspapers to Art Galleries. Derbyshire-based photographer Nick Lockett talks about his journey ‘FROM NEWSPAPERS TO ART GALLERIES’.

He has been a professional photographer for 45 years, starting as an editorial photographer in newspapers and magazines, then he was Chief Photographer and Head of Pictures at ITV the broadcaster in London.

He left ITV after 25 years to do an MA in photography and now has a busy commercial photography practice (often on TV and film sets). He also makes and exhibits photographs for his own personal projects.

He is a university lecturer and academic as well, lecturing in photography to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He also runs photography workshops for the Royal Photographic Society. Nick also works in moving images and makes short films.

His personal photographs explore the history of Derbyshire (his latest project ‘Hoards - Stories Of Buried Treasure in the Peak District’ was made in conjunction with the British Museum).

Most recently he has been photographing the effect of the Covid-19
Lockdown on the small Derbyshire village where he lives. This lively talk will
be a roller-coaster of a ride, so expect lots of eye-catching pictures and some
good stories too.

An example of Nick's photography is attached. It shows the 4,000-year-old Bronze Age burial chamber at Minninglow in the Derbyshire Peak District at
night, from his series ‘ANCIENT STONES, SACRED PLACES’. The photograph was made on a large-format camera on a one-hour exposure in the dead of night in the pitch dark and illuminated by over 300 flashes from a single hand-held speed light.

Yorkshire Region
Regional AGM –
The RPS Yorkshire Region will be holding their regional AGM on Saturday 14th May 2022, at 10:30 am, all Yorkshire Region members are invited to attend.

Everybody is welcome however non-members have no voice or voting rights at the AGM.

People are free to attend the event, for free. If you wish to do this please email yorkshire2@rps.org stating if you are attending in person or wish to view via Zoom.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the RPS Yorkshire Region please email yorkshire2@rps.org before 5th May 2022, describing the experience you have and what area of the region you would like to assist.

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Mary Crowther


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