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Nature landscape reflected in reservoir by Fern Nuttall
CREDIT: Fern Nuttall ARPS


The Analogue Group welcomes anybody who is interested in analogue photography at any level of experience
Platinumprint by Richard Freestone
CREDIT: Richard Freestone


Analogue photography has been enjoying a renaissance in recent years with the reintroduction of film stocks, the release of new cameras and the popularity of Lomo photography. Keep up-to-date here.

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Clock tower and fireworks by Fern Nuttall ARPS
CREDIT: Fern Nuttall ARPS


The Analogue Group hosts a series of events throughout the year including darkroom workshops, seminars, field trips and informal meet-ups. See upcoming events here.

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Hrauneyalon by Aaron Dickson
CREDIT: Aaron Dickson


To become a member of the Analogue group an annual subscription of £15.00 is required (see benefits below). Join the group now by visiting the RPS Special Interest Groups page.

Morning in the Pieniny Mountains (Slovakia side) 2 by Lukasz Klejnberg
CREDIT: Lukasz Klejnberg

About The Group

The group was formed in 2015 after being proposed in the October 2014 issues of The Journal, in an article titled ‘Back to our roots’. Since then the group has grown year on year to include members from all over the world. 

As well as a series of events throughout the year (from darkroom workshops to informal meet-ups), the group produces newsletters, resources, a magazine, articles on the latest analogue news, a newly proposed members exhibition and social media platforms to share and discuss your analogue work and experiments.

The group encourages members of all levels of experience and interest. Whether you have had a lifelong career working with analogue photography and related areas or are experimenting as a complete ‘beginner’, you are welcome to join us and take part in exploring analogue’s many qualities.

St Chad's Church, Wheelton By Charles Binns
CREDIT: Charles Binns

Analogue Journal

The Analogue Group releases a journal throughout each year with articles, reviews, discussion, contests and members’ work. Find out how you can get involved, share your thoughts, photos or ideas, or simply read previous issues of the Analogue Journal here.

Analogue Journal
Tulip 34B

Analogue Group Exhibition

The Analogue Group Exhibition is hosted annually for analogue and hybrid prints from current AG members. Find out more about the exhibition, how you can visit or enter for yourself here.

Analogue Group Exhibition
Sheep Island by Aaron Dickson
CREDIT: Aaron Dickson
Analogue For Beginners

The Analogue Group is open to anybody of any level of experience, including those who are brand new to analogue and wish to find out more. That is why we have put together a resource page exploring buying the right camera, understanding formats and buying film, a guide to shooting and more. You can download the PDF guide or browse through a number of external links.

Saltprint by Richard Freestone
CREDIT: Richard Freestone

The group is run by a committee of Analogue members, holding meetings throughout the year. Members are welcome, and encouraged, to join the committee or volunteer in any way you can. Read more about how to get involved and who is currently serving the committee here…

DSC Undercliffe 2 By Owen Andrew
CREDIT: Owen Andrew
Social Media

Keep up-to-date and share your work, tips or news with other analogue enthusiasts and members by joining our Facebook group and following our Instagram page.

Member Benefits

  1. Analogue Journal
  2. Competitions
  3. Member Exhibitions
  4. Film-Related News
  5. Workshops
  6. Informal Meet-ups
  7. Discounts
  8. Social Media