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Sheep Island by Aaron Dickson
CREDIT: Aaron Dickson

Analogue For Beginners

The Analogue Group is open to anybody of any level of experience, including those who are brand new to analogue and wish to find out more. 

This page brings together a selection of resources from across the internet to help beginners source an appropriate analogue camera, learn how to use film, ‘cheat sheets’ for shooting great images and step-by-step guides about how the process works. If you have any questions you can email the committee or if you would like to find out more our Facebook Group is an environment where you can put your queries to a group of passionate analogue enthusiasts.

Sourcing a camera

Which camera you choose can be guided by what you’re familiar with, what subjects you intend on photographing (portraits? street photography? etc), or price. Here are some handy guides on how to choose a camera suitable to your needs:

Lomography: Buying Your First Camera

Choosing the Best Film Cameras

6 Best 35mm Film Cameras for Beginners

How To Choose Your First Film Camera

A Beginner's Guide to 35mm Film Cameras

Using and understanding film formats

In order to buy your film, it is best to understand which type of film fits the format of your camera, i.e. 120mm for medium format cameras. The links below go into detail about types of film and film formats, including this video by Ilford which briefly shows the difference between film formats.

Ilford: Introduction to Film Formats

How To Choose Film for Beginners: A Guide To Buying Your First Roll

The Film Photography Cheat Sheet: A Beginners Guide to Film Photography

Read 'Choosing Black and White Film' as a short, downloadable guide on the different types of black and white films available.

Hrauneyalon by Aaron Dickson
CREDIT: Aaron Dickson


There is a wealth of information regarding how to take a photograph, from which ISO speed to use, understanding aperture and shutter speeds and composing the image, this handy infographic makes it simple.

Infographic: Manual Photographer's Cheat Sheet

I Still Shoot Film Guides:

How to Shoot Film For Dummies

Understanding Aperture and F-Stop

What is Shutter Speed?

Ilford Animations:

Film ISO


Shutter Speed 


A comprehensive guide to aperture f-stop, shutter speed and ISO

Harris by Aaron Dickson
CREDIT: Aaron Dickson

Find a local store that stocks film

Ilford: Where to Buy 

Other Guides:

Find a Darkroom

I Still Shoot Film: Beginners Guide to Film Photography

Beginners Guide to Film Photography

Read 'Improving your film processing: seven tips' for a quick, downloadable guide to how film is processed.

Read 'Consistent print processing: seven tips' for a brief, downloadable look at how an image is developed in the darkroom.

Download or view the Buying A Film Guide

This RPS Analogue guide covers film sizes and formats and what to look for when inspecting a body and/or lens. There are also suggestions on which makes of camera may be reliable and repairable. It may be viewed online or downloaded for offline viewing (downloadable to smartphones or tablets, for easy use when camera shopping) from the Issuu website here.


Other Helpful Links: 

Film manufacturers


Specialist UK suppliers of film and materials

Keyphoto 01582 – 460 461

Harman Express (Ilford) or 01565—684 000

Speedgraphic or 01420—560 066

Tetenal or 0116—289 3644


Second-hand Darkroom Supplies or 01993—878323


Photo processors

Palm Laboratory or 0121—622 5504

Peak Imaging or 0114—224 3207

Ilford Lab Direct or 01565—684 000


Camera repairers

Camera Repair Workshop 01908 – 378 088

Harrow Technical 020 – 8938  4660


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