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006 Washing Line Series – Mangetout By Andrew Barrow FRPS
CREDIT: Andrew Barrow FRPS

Creative Eye

We look for personal expression in which the photographer seeks to stimulate the imagination and arouse the emotions of the viewer.

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About the Creative Eye Group

Originally conceived in 1991 the Creative group (as it was known then) was formed to give members more freedom in their photographic visions.

Our aim is to encourage the development of photography as a means of expression and as a vehicle for the author to make a personal photographic statement. The medium can be print or projected image, monochrome or colour, for it is the personal input of the photographer which makes the description of creative appropriate. We think imagination is the key to creative photography and is surely unique to each of us. It is often said that two photographers standing side by side will not see the same picture. The creative photographer will think that bit differently; see that bit differently and consequently end up with a more unusual, interesting or thought provoking interpretation. The creative process can be in-camera or processing in the digital or analogue darkroom.

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Golden Trees By Janie Chapman LRPS
CREDIT: Janie Chapman LRPS

Members' Print Exhibition 2022 Results

See this year's winning entries, a full list of accepted photographers and a video slideshow.


Members' Print 2022 Exhibition
001 Dazzling Dahlia By Hilary Bailey LRPS CPAGB
CREDIT: Hilary Bailey LRPS


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Portfolio Group
Find out more about our friendly peer review forum for Creative Eye members.

Members' Websites
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Documents and Downloads
Reports, minutes, entry forms (when available) here

Committee & Volunteers
Meet the Group's committee members and volunteers

Exhibitions, photowalks and lectures here

News and updates here

Spikey By David Rutter
CREDIT: David Rutter FRPS


What's happening with the Creative Eye Group

Latest: Images and comment from our recent Photowalk at Kew Gardens

Creative Eye Group News
David F Cooke FRPS
CREDIT: David F Cooke FRPS

Members' Day 2021 Video Presentations

The video presentations for the 2021 Creative Eye Members' Day are now available to watch.

Watch now
097 Sardines In A Tin By Jayne Sanderson
CREDIT: Jayne Sanderson


Meet the Creative Eye Group committee members and volunteers

Meet the team

Benefits for Members

  1. Colour magazine 3 times per year, have your images published
  2. Take part and have your work showcased in the Members’ Exhibitions
  3. Online Members’ Day
  4. Access to our exclusive Creative Eye Facebook group
  5. Have your images peer reviewed in our portfolio forum
  6. Field trips and photo walks
  7. Online talks, lectures and workshops
  8. Access to exclusive peer review discussion groups