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Justine Ritchie
CREDIT: Justine Ritchie

Creative Eye Portfolio Group

The Creative Portfolio Group is a forum for members to exchange images for peer review. Overseas members are welcome to join this group.

Images (maximum one per month) and friendly comments are exchanged via email. Comments are made on images received in the previous month.

If you would like to join the Creative Portfolio Group, or you would like further information please contact David Harris ARPS at

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Portfolio Group PTSQ Q2

Q2 2020 PTSQ (click on the slideshow to enlarge)

Q2 2020 LS (click on the slideshow to enlarge)

Example Gallery

Chris Hunter
CREDIT: Chris Hunter
David Harris ARPS 2
CREDIT: David Harris ARPS
John Bull 2
CREDIT: John Bull
Kay Elvina Sutton
CREDIT: Kay-Elvina Sutton
Rob Kershaw 2
CREDIT: Rob Kershaw ARPS
Tim Walton 2
CREDIT: Tim Walton
David Harris ARPS
CREDIT: David Harris ARPS
Jan Harris
CREDIT: Jan Harris
John Bull
CREDIT: John Bull
Rob Kershaw
CREDIT: Rob Kershaw ARPS
Tim Walton
CREDIT: Tim Walton
Kay Elvina Sutton 2
CREDIT: Kay-Elvina Sutton
Jan Harris 2
CREDIT: Jan Harris