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South Moravia
CREDIT: David Harris ARPS

Creative Eye Portfolio Group

The Creative Portfolio Group is a forum for members to exchange images for peer review. Overseas members are welcome to join this group.

Images (maximum one per month) and friendly comments are exchanged via email. Comments are made on images received in the previous month.

Additionally, every 6 to 8 weeks we hold a zoom session meet the other group members and to discuss their images.

If you would like to join the Creative Portfolio Group, or you would like further information please contact David Harris ARPS at

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2401 John Bull Barrier Severn Bridge For Web
2401 RCK Layers Of Photography For The Web
CREDIT: Rob Kershaw ARPS
2401 David Harris Bridge Of Wonder For Web
CREDIT: David Harris ARPS
2401 Tim Walton Rushing For The Train For Web
2024 01 Janet T Eccles Line Web
CREDIT: Janet Turnbull LRPS
2312 Jaynesanderson Wave Curl For Web
CREDIT: Jayne Sanderson
2401 Jan Harris Fragmentation For Web
2401 Paul O'flanagan Weft For Web
CREDIT: Paul O'Flanagan LRPS
2401 Sue Brame Eucalyptus Dream Web
CREDIT: Sue Brame
2401 Carol Walker Whirling Amaryllis For Web
CREDIT: Carol Walker
2401 John Festive Colours Web
CREDIT: John Reed