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South Moravia
CREDIT: David Harris ARPS

Creative Eye Portfolio Group

The Creative Portfolio Group is a forum for members to exchange images for peer review. Overseas members are welcome to join this group.

Images (maximum one per month) and friendly comments are exchanged via email. Comments are made on images received in the previous month.

Additionally, every 6 to 8 weeks we hold a zoom session meet the other group members and to discuss their images.

If you would like to join the Creative Portfolio Group, or you would like further information please contact David Harris ARPS at

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2104 John Bull Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth For Web
2104 Kay Elvina Sutton Orange Blossom Trail For Web
CREDIT: Kay-Elvina Sutton
2104 RCK Spring Kiss For The Web
CREDIT: Rob Kershaw ARPS
2104 David Harris Wood Anemone For Web
CREDIT: David Harris ARPS
Tim Walton The Old Bench Low Res
2103 Cheryl Harvey Red Flower 800Px
CREDIT: Cheryl Harvey
2104 Janet Turnbull Keep Out For Web
CREDIT: Janet Turnbull LRPS
2104Adam Chlebik Tenbyweb
CREDIT: Adam Chlebik
2104 Barry Collin Boadicea For Web
CREDIT: Barry Collin LRPS
2103 Barry Freeman Orange Tulips Water Colour Blend For Web
CREDIT: Barry Freeman ARPS
2104 Brian Titchiner Olympic Parkcanl Side For Web
CREDIT: Brian Titchner
2104 For Web Jan Harris Tulip Fantasia
0421 Stuartfotheringham Eyecontact800
CREDIT: Stuart Fotheringham
2104–Les Ironside Waiting For The Tide For Web
CREDIT: Les Ironside LRPS
2104 Paul O'flanagan Graphic Building For Web
CREDIT: Paul O'Flanagan
2104 Sue Brame Spring Violas For Web
CREDIT: Sue Brame
2104 Peter Bushby Church Just Out Of Reach For Web
CREDIT: Peter Bushby