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53N 0 Ann Miles
CREDIT: Ann Miles

By Degrees…



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51N 3W, Somerset By Bridget Davies ARPS
CREDIT: Bridget Davies ARPS
51N 3W, Somerset
Bridget Davies ARPS

The intersection is in a field in slightly undulating countryside, at the foot of a gentle south east facing slope, a good location for a shot at sunrise. Standing behind a lopsided, but interesting oak, I was about 270 metres north west of the intersection itself, which is visible in the adjacent field, near the bottom of the image, about a quarter of the way in from the left edge. My GPS recorded 51°0'2.8765" N 3°0'14.0135" W as my location.

51N 3W, Somerset by Mary Braddock
CREDIT: Mary Braddock
51N 3W, Somerset
Mary Braddock

My exact location was N51⁰0'0.1814" W3⁰0'0.014". In this image I was standing on the location, facing a South South-west direction towards the Blackdown Hills. I was in a farmer’s field in Somerset with the owner’s permission.

CREDIT: Alastair Purcell
51N 3W, Somerset
Alastair Purcell

I believe the intersection is slightly to the left of the field gate shown at the lower left edge of the photo. I chose to move the centre of the picture to the right, as I wanted to include the A378 road and the crossroads at mid-right.  Read more here

52N 0 Victoria Stokes ARPS
CREDIT: Victoria Stokes ARPS
52N 0, Hertfordshire
Victoria Stokes ARPS

The top left of the image is at 52° 00’05”N 0° 00’06”E, 190 metres from the exact intersection in the middle of a solar farm. By moving away slightly, I was able to make an image which could be tied to a specific place by including part of the surrounding landscape.

52N 1E Dr.R.Rolfe
CREDIT: Dr.R.Rolfe
52N 1E, Essex
Dr R Rolfe

My exact location was: Longitude 0. 59’ 33.156” East and Latitude 52. 0’ 1.14” North.

This was a dangerous position at the edge of a busy country road just north of the village of Holton St. Mary, Suffolk; the road led to an enterprise zone.  I was facing east.  I was approximately 250 metres west of the intersection.  The intersection itself was, facing the image, along the right hand side of the tractor track and about half way up the green field at the base of the image.

52N 3W Guy Robertson
CREDIT: Guy Robertson
52N 3W, Herefordshire
Guy Robertson

The high voltage power line pole in the foreground of the picture was at location 51.998781N  2.997707W, 206 metres away from the grid intersection.  The second pole behind it, which is closest to the actual grid intersection is at location 51.999968N  2.998092W, giving a distance of 135 meters between it and 52N 3W.  Read more here

52N 3W, Hertfordshire
CREDIT: Neil Purcell
52N 3W, Hertfordshire
Neil Purcell

This beautiful, ‘Golden Oak’ is bang on the 52N.3W intersection in the middle of a field in the village of Michaelchurch Escley in Herefordshire. The village lies just a couple of miles east of the imposing Hatterall Ridge, which is a limb of the Black Mountains and also forms the border between Wales and England.  Read more here

53N 0 David Baxter
CREDIT: David Baxter
53N 0, Lincolnshire
David Baxter

Trig point 53,0.  Just north of Boston, Lincs.  The tractor is on TRIG point.

53N 0 Ann Miles
CREDIT: Ann Miles
53N 0, Lincolnshire
Ann Miles

My exact location was 53degrees 0 minutes 51.16 seconds North/ 0 degrees 0 minutes  1.57 seconds West. I am facing  West so panorama covers from S to N. Meridian which was approximately 1 km south of my location. The intersection is in the direction of the far left of my scene.

53N 0, Lincolnshire
CREDIT: Charlotte Eades Willis
53N 0, Lincolnshire
Charlotte Eades Willis

I was at the exact location 53N 0W.

53N 3W Andrew Mahon
CREDIT: Andrew Mahon
53N 3W, Wrexham
Andrew Mahon

It’s at the exact location, and I have some lovely nettle stings to prove it. I was passing nearby so thought I’d have a look. It’s not a good enough location for me to want to return so I’ve submitted an image I’m only content with.

53N 4W, Gwynedd by Richard Glynne Jones
CREDIT: Richard Glynne Jones
53N 4W, Gwynedd
Richard Glynne Jones

At the 53N, 4W intersection, is to be found a small mountain lake. Along with its nearby twin, they are known as Y Llynnau Diffwys (The Diffwys Lakes). This area of Northern Eryri (Snowdonia) comprises Y Moelwynion (the Moelwyn Mountains). The mountain to the right in the image is Cnicht.  Read more here

53N 4W, Gwynedd By David Griffiths
CREDIT: David Griffiths
53N 4W, Gwynedd
David Griffiths

Taken from the exact location looking across Llynnau Diffwys west down towards Porthmadog.

55N 4W, Dumfries & Galloway By Jean Robson
CREDIT: Jean Robson
55N 4W, Dumfries & Galloway
Jean Robson

Taken from about 100 meters from the intersection, because the farmer advised against entering the field with a bull in it. Taken looking in a SSE direction across the intersection.

55N 5W Richard Brown
CREDIT: Richard Brown
55N 5W, Dumfries & Galloway
Richard Brown

As far as I could tell i was within about 100 yards of the intersection which as far as i could determine was in the middle of the trees to right of the photo which are part of a huge forest timber operation. I was facing east when it was taken.

57N.4W, Highland By Jean Robson
CREDIT: Jean Robson
57N 4W, Highlands
Jean Robson

Taken from the intersection looking North East towards the Cairngorm plateau

58N 5W, Assynt (Highland) by Dorcas Eatch
CREDIT: Dorcas Eatch
58N 5W, Assynt (Highland)
Dorcas Eatch

Because of long covid there was no way I would be able to get to the top of the hill. Having researched the area I tried to get the closest road to the intersection. As it happened there is a lay-by at 58.02, -5.07. As I was planning what to do, this shot appeared. it would have been seen from the intersection looking W. It's 3 miles from the intersection at the top of the hill and it also seems to align with the Moine Thrust.

58N 7W, Isle of Harris by Mark Reeves
CREDIT: Mark Reeves
58N 7W, Isle of Harris
Mark Reeves

58N 7W is adjacent to Loch Bràigh Bheagarais in the mountains of North Harris, some 4.5Km from the nearest vehicular access. I hadn’t particularly planned to photograph this intersection but it seemed like a good idea while on Harris... Read more here