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Calendar Promotion

Calendar 2025

Landscape Group Calendar 2025

The Landscape Group is excited to launch our first-ever calendar project.

Many of us have calendars adorning our walls. In this digital age, there is still something reassuring about having inspiring images displayed on a printed calendar that we can admire every month throughout the year. We want to celebrate the incredible images we see from our members on a regular basis by creating our first-ever Landscape Group calendar.

Calendar Promotion
Wiltshire By Edyta Rice 1085X605
CREDIT: Edyta Rice

How to take part

This is open to all Landscape Group members and submissions run from 1 April to 30 June 2024.

We will accept up to four images per member. Images must be landscape format, 3:2 aspect ratio and 2000px wide. We will require a full resolution image if one of your images is selected. The images must have been taken between 1 January 2023 and 30 June 2024. As this is the first year we have done a calendar, we want to allow a reasonable time window for image capture in order to cover all the seasons.

Images must be season and month appropriate and must comply with the group’s landscape photography definition:

“Landscape” photography is defined as the photographic portrayal of all elements of the land, sea and sky whether natural or built or influenced by human endeavour. Examples include mountains, hills, farmland, coasts, bodies of water, forests and populated and industrial areas. Images may be created using traditional or other techniques (including but not limited to infrared, multiple exposures, intentional camera movement, abstraction, minimalism and post-processing).

All compliant images, including for example architecture and the built environment, are allowed but there must be a seasonal element to them. We encourage submissions from our members wherever you are based. However, we would like images that are Northern Hemisphere appropriate for each month.

12 images will be chosen, one for each month, by a panel of judges. Only one month can be won per member.

The 12 winners will each receive one free calendar as well the pride of having their image shown for one whole month.

Burnham-on Sea
CREDIT: Lindsay Southgate
FAQs and further information

Do I have to register to purchase a calendar?
Only Landscape Group members can enter their images for possible inclusion but we want to make the calendar more widely available. We hope to open up calendar sales to everyone after submissions close and judging is complete. This includes all RPS members and the general public.

It's not clear what "Images must be season and month appropriate" means.
Images must have an obvious element related to the specified season or month. Obvious examples are snow for winter, fallen leaves for autumn, etc. We reserve the right to allocate a selected image to another suitable month. For example, your image includes snow and was submitted with March specified but if your image is selected then we may decide to choose this for January or February.

What is a seasonal element for Architecture and Built Environment images?
Examples include images that contain either people (so that their clothing will hint at the season) or trees / plants so that their colours hint at the season. As we know, clear blue skies, or bucketing rain can happen at any time of year.

If you have a question, please contact the Project Manager, Colin Balfour, at

Calendar 2025


We wish to have our 2025 calendar ready to buy in time for Christmas, so we have a clear timeline to achieve this:

  • Submissions open from 1 April to 30 June 2024
  • Judging July 2024
  • Design, layout and printing August 2024
  • Posting September 2024

Perthshire Snowday by Morag Forbes LRPS.


We are asking for prepayments for the calendar so that we can determine the size of the print run and cover our costs. A single calendar will cost £15, including UK postage. More than one calendar can be ordered. We will have a separate charge for international orders, to be advised. 
Walking The Dog By Tim Hodges
CREDIT: Tim Hodges


Registration and participation are only open to Landscape Group members. We will ask for your RPS membership number to confirm this. Entry fee for up to four images is £15, and all entrants will receive one calendar. There is an option to purchase additional calendars.
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